Phi Phi Islands

I’ve been to PhiPhi Islands for three times ! and still I would go there again ! … being in phuket and enjoying sea trips is not right 😛  It’s the best to enjoy your day take an early morning trip starting from 8AM until 6PM. Spending all of the day in the sea snorkeling, swimming, and discovering the Surrounding Islands. I’ve been to Phi Phi Islands Trip twice once with a group boat & the other I have arranged for us a speed boat with three crew members and 9 passengers(My Relatives) serving us beverages and fruit snack during the trip all for 150KD.

The Phi Phi islands are the No.1 attraction. There is also the Phang Nga Bay day trip & Krabi Island that I haven’t been to yet! The Phang Nga Bay is well known for James Bond Island where James bond movie where filmed by that time. I always do my booking with Phuket adventures through the hotel, they have highly equipped speedboats with new engines 😉  you can check them out , One day I’m gonna try the canoe trip it looks interesting 😉


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