Attractions in Macau

The Wynn Hotel in Macau ! The same as the One in Vegas

Are you considering Macau your next destination? then there is many places not to miss. First you have to check my previous post, it will tell you where to stay in Macau and how to get to Macau 🙂 seems like there is a lot to discover.
 I stayed there for three nights and I think it was enough.

Besides attending the spectacular Cirque Du Soliel show Zaia(Check my previous Post). We had to leave the shopping for a while and see what’s out there:) the weather in April 2009 was cloudy and little rainy but it was ok with cool breeze. It’s the perfect weather to tour around for me.
And one more thing to consider before going there Macau is still under construction but you will see once you are there that Macau is going to a bright future!

Now What to do:

1- Macau Fisherman’s Wharf:

  If you stay at The Venetian Macau Hotel you will get a free drop off to many places! Like for example if you want to visit the Fisherman’s Wharf ask the reception for the free bus that will take you to The Sands Hotel. Once you are there the Fisherman’s Wharf is gonna be across the street! So save some money:).
At Fisherman’s Wharf you can enjoy Shopping, dining & some fun , just check it out 

2- Museums: from their Guide Book, They have many museums for museums lovers;) I didn’t have the chance to visit any but if you are intrested you can visit TheMaritime Museumwhich is like a ship moored at the entrance of the inner Harbour.Also The Museum of Macau that has been built inside the foundation of the Monte Fort.

3- The Historic Centre of Macau: Just ask the taxi to take you there you will love it! if you like discovering churches and Historic places .

4-Senado Square: Macau’s Main Square: Go there at night.

Mac Macau ;P
The FREE Buses from The Ventian Hotel Macau ! that takes you to some places
Sands Hotel Macau
Fisherman’s Wharf Macau
Free Preformance show in  hotel 😉 just go around hotels and discover
The Wynn Macau it has a shopping Center inside with worldwide brands ! Don’t miss it

I relized that I didn’t see a lot in Macau ! All I did is Shopping but it was worth it 😛  for sure I’ll go there again.However, remember when you are there you have to walk and discover the place around its the best thing to do which will help you discover new things,specially inside hotels visit all the famous hotels have a coffee at their cafe or wonder in the lobby.

From Macau To Hong Kong soon By a Ferry it was a trip hard to forget LOOL that’s what’s coming up next inshallah 🙂 7aq elnas eli y7boon eloya o el Adventure 😉


  1. Giggles: Now Vegas is more alive from what I saw in Macau back in 2009 ! been to vegas last summer o I think its worth it to go to macau Y not ;)Macau Asia version of Vegas 😉 shay gheer