Macau to Hong kong a Bumpy Ride !

The Vomit Bag on Board 😛 but we didn’t use it 😛
  It was different and new for me !moving from a place to a place by a Ferry! making the decision while I was plannning the the trip was hard !
Ididn’t know what kind of Ferry I’m going to book ! all I know is that I have to move from Macau to Hong Kong by a Ferry. Is it safe ? well I depended on travelers opinions from the internet on which Ferry company should we take. I made my options but I didnt book from here, Since I found out that ferries leave every 15 min starting from 7am to 7pm daily from Macau to Hong Kong & Vice Versa.
The Venetian Macau (our Hotel) were kind enough to have free bus trasportation to New World First Ferry Services. Its a couple of minutes away from the hotel. But you should put in in mind that Hong Kong  consists of two Islands, so remember when you book your ticket you should know in which part are you staying.
That’s My ticket from Macau To Kowloon(Hong Kong).
Some Information you need to know :
– Regarding the reservation, once I arrived to our hotel in Macau I asked if I should book our tickets from now(the moment of the arrival) since we were planning to leave to Hong Kong on a weekend so the tickets might be sold out. Well, It turns that its ok , we left the hotel with no concern because we can get on board of any ferry we want since there is one leaving to Hong Kong every 15 min. we arrived at the Ferry Terminal then we booked the next one that is leaving.
– Its approximately one hour ride from Macau to Hong Kong. What’s funny is that their Ferry terminal is like an airport 😛 you should get your passports stamped.
-The ticket is 155HKD ( 6KD) per person .
– They Charge for the big luggages I dont remember how much but I think  20HKD. the ticket and the luggage extra charge was very resonable.
– Its a bumpy Ride 😛 that was in april 2009 elb7ar kan eshway mooy fa be careful sea sick ppl 😉 everybody around were vomitting bs el7mdela the 4 of us were enjoying o el ferry etroo7 fooq o t7t 😉
– Help your self ! it means mako a7ad esheel lejna6! u r responsible for your luggages you take them in the ferry and out of the ferry so make sure to limit your carry on’s 😉 wraakum kaad o tyerer jnaa6 ;P
– the Ferry was a high class one 😉 leather purple chairs and clean.
– The Link to the Ferry Company
On the way to The Ferry Terminal in Macau
One ferry that already left 😉
Enjoying el Scene eli kela thbaaab o gheem 😉
Ferry Terminals ! ma6ar el feriyaat 😉 so so arranged
My Breakfast 😉 Breakfast el3a’azah ;P
Wait for Hong Kong , U will be amazed 😉
  1. 3sach 3algwah !

    re7t HK alsena ely fatat w ma'kent adree ennh fe ferry to Macau -_-"

    inshalla nawy aro7 alsena al-yaya w asken 9ob Nathan Rd, 9ob al-loya :p

    Mtab3en m3ach..

  2. Anonymous: Thank you 🙂 Hong Kong Et.habel! hope next year u visit macau cuz 7adha qreba mnha 7asafa 🙂