Tom’s Farm a Must California Destination

Candies at Tom’s Farm !

Since we arrived to our apartment in Mission Viejo last summer 2010 , My mom has been asking me to do that search to find that farm that we have been to back in 1998 , Luckly I found it ! Man its so easy to find anything you want in the states ! with my mini laptop I got the address as below :

23900 Temescal Canyon Road
Corona, CA 92883
Just feed the address into your GPS , ours was Garmin we called it (HER)  Jessica ;P wanna hear the story of Jessica press here. She will take you straight to the place. 
Enjoying road trips is my thing ! I love road trips, specially when you pass by alot of towns and stop by to see what’s there :). The longest I did was from Mission Viejo,CA to my Lovely San Francisco,CA which was about 6 hours.Which I will post about Later 🙂 
The trip took almost 1 hour from Mission Viejo to Tom’s Farm on the 15 highway road.
Arriving at Tom’s Farm thinking that it was my mom’s Happiest day 😉 well it was a Happy day for all of us ! the whole family can enjoy spending some time there 🙂
What can you enjoy there ?
Produce Market we got us some fresh Fruit from there.  
Sweet Shops : well we also bought a collection of some candies.
Home Store : amazing collection of Furtinutre and  accessories.
there are more attractions, restaurants, events at Tom’s Farm but that what we had the chance to enjoy 🙂 
and as usual every place has a story, who’s behind this farm? Mr. tom click here to read the lovely story..tra its a short one 🙂
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