The Author’s Lounge at Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok

An Author’s lounge ! owh yeah being there was something new to me , a new astonishing experience !

The Author’s Lounge at Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok ,The place was so Bright all with the White furniture that has a magical effect in removing all what I was thinking of at that time except for one thing , which is what is the story about this place ?! …..

On my last trip to Thailand,Bangkok which was one week ago, I had the chance to visit Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok as I mentioned in my  previous post. One of the things I enjoyed there is having an afternoon Tea the Author’s Lounge- Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok. Then followed by a lovely tour over Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok facilities. 

On our way to the Author’s Lounge which is located
 in the Author’s wing of Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok  
The menu is one heavy book ! I just loved it !

 There I learned the story behind the place as I mentioned The Authors’ Lounge is located in the original part of Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok, known as the Authors’ Wing.

The name “Authors’ Lounge” evolved from the many famous writers who stepped through the doors of Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok over the years, from Joseph Conrad to Barbara Cartland ! So its being at were many writers wrote pages of their books ! the place is magical I wonder that how they did it 🙂

Together with the entire wing, the Authors’ Lounge was recently renovated to its former glory. Delicate, white-washed rattan furniture with hand-painted upholstery and Siamese umbrellas now grace the lounge amid towering bamboo and palm trees.

I loved the amazing menue actually It took a while to read it all 🙂 So I thought why not try something from the Orgins of Thailand  I ordered the Traditional or Mandarin Oriental Thai set, people even visit the place just to try it 🙂 I was just too excited to looking around the place while I was sitting there exploring with my eyes the beautiful art work I loved the ceiling I loved each single detail ! one thing was on my mind I gotta bring my mum to this place invite her for that experience ! When I have one fine wonderful experience I just like to share it with my beloved ones and you guys too 🙂 you are so gonna love what’s coming up !

Tub Tim Krob its  a Thai coconut icecream with Jelly and water chestnut
Its a Thai set of Mwale7 o 7laweyaaat !!! EYaninn
You see that green thing ? its a delicious  home-made scone
shrimp sandwich yummy yummy !
so what kind of tea you prefer 😛 !!  Can’t have enough of my Lemon Grass !
  Author’s Lounge serves the best !!!!!

Being there made me realize why the place is usually booked for marriage ceremonies ! Did I mention that The Place has a Tea Master ? That is the person responsible on supervising on The tea serving and also do serve tea for VIP’s 🙂 elmokaaan kaaaan eyanin el music played khyaaal wayed raqii o haaadii 7taa sowalefna eb9oot wa6ii ! what is life without trying something new ! mako a7la mn ena elwa7ed edale3 roo7a 😉

You think that is all at The Author’s Wing? well no check this lovely place !

The Reading Room : its right next to the Author’s Lounge actually few steps away , its the perfect place to just sit and read a book or work on something in a peaceful environment 🙂 Let’s take alook what did I find in that room 🙂

An article about the Old Oriental which is
 now Mandarin Oriental ,Bangkok



Its just one more fansy of Mandarin Oriental ,Bangkok
 Still alot to feel, see and enjoy there.Its like a small community of all of what you need for a perfect stay in Bangkok !
Don’t we all deserve to be spoiled ?
Don’t we all need to be away from regular routine environment ? 
Sometimes all you have to do is set back and enjoy because you deserve it.
Add something Different from the heart of the orient, Stay at Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok 😉 in the middle of the city bs min etdeshooona you will understand what I mean jawah shay thani wayed moreee7 !  
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shofaw el building ! hatha the Author’s wing fooq
 el suite o t7t the Author’s Lounge !!!
 I wish I could buy the place to be my home eshweq
 el bait eyanin ! tra 3la nahaar b3d 😛
Planning my Visit to Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok started with my booking for a treatment at the Oriental Spa !!  next coming up 😉
  1. giggles : elmokaan eyanin lol wallah ma 9adaqt ena ebos6 7osat bangkok you can create such a beautiful escape to have a lovely tea 🙂