After You Dessert Cafe – Bangkok

That was at After You Dessert Cafe ! in the Lovely city of Bangkok Since I saw that place that night on the weekend over crowded ,I know that there must be something special ! its not only crowded ! that amazing smell of the baking was all over the place……


So once I got closer I saw that people are waiting outside to be seated ! well it was weekend too so imagine how crowded it was 😉 ofcourse what I love doing is going around all the tables at the place to check out what people order 😛 I did my fast tour with a big smile 😛 most of them ordered  that Toast regardless of the different toppings ! since I didn’t have time to stand in the waiting line I had to plan coming back again in the next few days. I asked for the best time to come back they told be at 12pm

crowded After You Cafe 🙂

So few days later there I was , Right there at Siam Paragon Mall Branch , Bangkok located on G Floor . You can have that delicious treat which I already added it to my Drop me Dead desserts list 😛 

Amazing Idea the Toast thing but it doesn’t taste anything like Toast umm ,it has a killer taste that could make your meal for the day !! So it wasn’t easy to decide I should go with which topping or even which Dessert ! you check their menu and you will know 🙂 7dii t7asaft ena I already had breakfast wela 3ndehum ashya’aa etshaweq for breakfast too !

ofcourse without thinking my choice was Nutella Toast  !


I was told that this is their No.1 !
but I could’nt resist the Nutella 😉


I would call for a break dance or a celebration only to welcome You !!!!
 Dynamite ! Nutella Toast 😉
My Strawberry Lemonade 😉
The total for 2 cold drinks and 1 lattee Puls
 the Nutella Toast is all for less than 5 KD 🙂 cheap ha

After having The Nutella Toast I think their name should be changed to After me 😛 because really once that toast was on my table there will be no space to say after you ! Just Attack that little Toast 😀

eli bro7ooon Bangkok I know you guys are reading 😉 yallah add it to your lists and please if you do try it tweet me some the pics @Traveler_q8 😉

At Siam Paragon Mall They open from 10 am to 11 am everyday  
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  1. giggles : Hi dear 🙂 eeeeh et9adqeen elthaher new cuz last time I was there 2009 ma kan mwjood ! bs 3jeeeb not to miss wedi next time breakfast