Central Department store – Bangkok

My Favourite Central the department store is Chidlom’s Central . Its just a huge department store that you can shop at  for hours ! One fine experience you can add when you are visiting Thailand……

Its the same shopping experience you get when you are at Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s let’s say 🙂 but ofcourse different brands 🙂 When you are there don’t miss exploring each level even if you’re not planning to buy for example furniture bs still you might get free arrangments ideas for your house or apartment or room back at home ! or maybe you can buy what you can carry with you back home 🙂

Its all there a wide variety of clothes, shoes, home decorations, electronics etc. Its all your 😀 Now this tour specially goes to the girls 😉 and don’t forget to get you Tourist card at any cashier before paying 🙂 we need to save up some money for more shopping don’t we 😉

I really loved this board !! ! check out the Prayer room 🙂
ahhh ana ehniiiii ensoooniiiiiiiii 🙂
hmm I was confused should I get Phuket room spray or something !


Ok I think Beijing room spray got my attention more or isn’t
 just a dign for my next destination hmm 😉 then its mine !
lovely collection of chopsticks and still I don’t know how to use them 🙁
  1. Anonymous : eyanin ! I love that place that I dedicate youm kamel bs 7aqah 🙂

    Ruby_Gloom : lol ta7asaft eni mashareeta 😛

    Anonymous: not less than 4 floors aw akthar