Whittard of Chelsea Cafe – bangkok

A shopping day will never be perfect without the break to sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee or drink with delicious piece of dessert ! there right at my table at oneof my best shopping destinations in one of the biggest malls in Bangkok , Cnetral World …….


I set to enjoy my treat of the day while looking at all those shopping bags that I got at the end of along shopping day ! thinking of how much money is  left with me 😛 then smile knowing that I got what I really need and my closet will be so happy with them not only me 😉

I never plan where to have that end of day treat ! it just happens on time , like I spot a place nice with an un usual name I always look for new places to sit at,  I just head to it …

On that day last month in Bangkok while moving around CentralWorld Mall , I found myself there at Whittard of Chelsea Cafe 

One small Advice while Travelling : Enjoy the destination from the simplest detail as a cup of coffee or a cold drink or just a simple smile at people to the biggest adventure and experience that you can ever have there … one time you are there one time you are back home ..its up to you 🙂 its always up to you 😉 

Lovely gifts of tea and coffee
I loved the place its so cozy

Go by Whitttard of Chelsea Cafe at Central World, Bangkok

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