Siam Paragon Bangkok – GF Gourmet Paradise

Its just what they eat, what they love ! you don’t have to try new food if you don’t want too 😛 but when traveling you have to go around exploring all aspects of the culture and expose yourself to it. Give it a try if you can and if you don’t just enjoy taking some photos 😉  …….

That what I did in my last trip to the Land of Siam, Thailand ( Bangkok )

One thing I loooove doing is going around places it alone , me and my camera 🙂 wandering the place to check what’s out there ! take a closer look at food and at people too while they make their orders.

At Siam’s Paragon and that’s what I did got a table at a restaurant then ordered my dish and left my stuff with my travelers friends 😉 and begun my tour around GF Gourmet Paradise at Siam Paragon, Bangkok.

To go
Lovely meal display
DAKASI ! is always crowded ! didn’t get the chance to try it when I was there !
lovely cupcakes 🙂
make your crepe
Food Garden hmmm
LOOL people use sticks to eat different stuff !
bolied or grilled or whatever lol 3lehum eb alf 3afia !

“All of us are watchers–of television, of time clocks, of traffic on the freeway–but few are observers. Everyone is looking, not many are seeing.” Peter M. Leschak
  1. Hmmm!! what was the first pic again? it looks eww lol esta'3fer allah bas cudnt look at it wayed! sheno kan 9ij? lol

    the cupcakes look great !

    hope ur enjoying 🙂

    very nice photos

  2. butterfly chick : lol atwaq3 atwaq3 akh6aboo6 thailandii 😛 mini ones lol …thank you ! really I enjoyed my time there 🙂

    Dear Romeo : LOL ee bs et9adqeen t3awadt ashoof jithii 🙂 akelhum o 3leehum bl3afia lol

    giggles : kaan wedi athoq kil shay bs mako mokan fi ba6ni lol 🙂 wallah they have delicious food