HammamSaida – Lebanon

So cute ! Sa7 ! They Have them in two sizes big and mini ones ! those are Soap , Where can you find them ? at Hammamsaida the right place you wanna be when it comes for preparing an amazing Hammam ! …….

The place was new to me when I visited lebanon few days ago, I asked they said its been there since 2001 ! I wonder why I didn’t know about it ! thanks to Lulu :* She told me that I have to check it out and post about it  in my blog ! actually she took me there ! it is located in Saida, Lebanon

At Hammam Saida once you step foot in that place you will catch the beautiful scent ! ofcourse mokan 9aboon akeed bekoon eyanin 😛 you can find their famous traditional olive oil soaps, Glycerin body care , lotions , massage oils , hair care, air refreshners,tunics, jellaba and abayas ( draree3 for you girls 😉 )  and ofcourse what I love most special arrangments for gifts ! Prices are so reasonable ! and yes I would carry a special gift for a friend from there to back home ! tswaa elsalfaa !

Ofcourse yaneeet o qa3adt ma boqa shay ma khama6ta 😛 you guys know how I love spa related stuff o ay shay fih esa3ed eni adalel ro7i 😛 So I bought me the above steel tray and many other stuff too ! Let’s see what can you buy from Hammam Saida 😉

sometimes you love the place from the outside before you see the inside !
wedi asken mokan jithi o amshi fi n3al om 9ebe3 !
yallah endesh entesawaq 😀
kahum elne3el el ktakeet !
new born giveaway ! I like !
6b3an yaneet madri shashtiri o shakhaalii ! ma ashba3 min hl sowalef 🙂
la7thaw el 9aboon eli 3la 6arboosh !! fnatiq !
get the basket of your choice , choose what you want and they will do the rest !
msabee7 el9abooon !
Mama loved those soap dools ! she got some 🙂
mino yabi qa3at reela t9eer na3ma 😛 kil min 6b3aaan 😀


a7b elthrabaa o eltrteeb 🙂

location : Rue El Moutran – Saida – Liban ( Lebanon ) , mkana emqalqa9 wayed bs my uncle already knew the place so for you incase you get lost call Tel : +961 07 753599  

Coming up Matbakhsaida ! 7daa 3jeeeb 😉