The Road to Saida – Lebanon

Always make your Camera ready on a road trips 🙂 I always enjoy road trips around the world, I just love the details of the roads the natural details and the man made details …details that holds old and present stories of people and events . The Road  which led to many  happiness or sadness is the same road , it gives you the good and the bad matter who you are 🙂


I look to the left side of the window I find the beautiful sun …..too lovers holding hands and having a peaceful walk next to the sea

I look to the right side of the window I find people busy in their little stores and street cafes….  a young lady holding her kids to cross the street …..

Just take some moments and observe the surroundings with your camera lens , its so amazing how many stories you can make up in your mind just through looking at what’s going on around you at the moment ….. a smile might fill you face your a tear might touch you cheeks … one scene could bring your sad or happy memories back for a moment 🙂

Why the road to Saida ? We were heading to Hammam Saida . What about Saida ? its the third largest city in lebanon. There you can visit the beautiful old city that has Arched pathways connecting the different neighborhoods, numerous souvenir shops and mini-markets too. 7asafa we went there very late like at 5 PM so I didn’t have time to visit the old city 🙁 bs next time inshallah since I have my place in lebanon I can go by anytime I want 🙂 I don’t know how much time it takes from Beirut to Saida because I was visiting someone in a City called Dahr  El Maghara which is like 20 min to Saida. Saida is well know for its sea food restaurants …we passed by some but hopefully next time I will head to one ! amooot 3la el sea food 😛  

Now join me on My road to Saida  …….

 a6la3 min eldreesha o artaz a9awer 😛 its a free country lol 😀
Saida is the city of Rafic Hariri ( was assassinated back in 2005 in the lebanese capital ) it is his city he was born there and raised there …. I loved how they still have his photos all around the city …he deserves it

The upcoming  photos where taken By Lulu ;* My lovely Uncles Wife… thank you lulu b3d qulbii kalaft 3leech nezaltay min elsyara ;P

kil min lah rezqaaa 🙂 allah sb7ana kreem
Lulu was there during Eid el Fitr and she told me
that those places were totally full at night !
looking forward for a crowded night ! best of luck !
no comment lean’a ma a7b hl sowalif lol
all made of sea shells
I didn’t have time to walk through those markets ! 7asafa ! a7b asmaa3 sowalefhum 😛
one fine sunset ! mashallah
ham mreena 3leeha again and still busy loool