Nature & Wildlife Drive at Desert Islands Resort and Spa

Yes My New friends from Abu Dhabi ..They are …..those pretty Giraffes and some other friends too you’re gonna see below !!!!! My Ride into the wild  into the beautiful nature of Sir Bani Yas Island -Abu Dhabi  was on that morning when I woke up at 5:30 AM to get ready ! owh yeah that’s when I get too excited 😛 On this post I will take you into the wild 😛  ……….

Staying at Desert Islands Resort and Spa by Anantara Made my short vacation one of a kind !!! shay shay mo 6beee3ii min el activities !! q3dt yoomen bs sheft o t3lamat ashya’a malaaat ash.her !!! I stayed only two days but they made it possible for me to see alot and indeed learn alot and not to forget fall in love with alot 😉  on that Island !!

I had some extra time before my Wildlife ride so I took a walk that morning around the resort and enjoyed early morning moments  by myself at that time but there you go now its yours too now 😉

The Main enterance to the Lobby
well this placed is where I laid down the night before … why ? it just happened lol the weather was amazing so first basa6t 3l arth b3deen eshway eshway wela ana mnsad7a o emjaabla el stars in the dark sky !! makan fi lighting around the place !! o kan hedou ! time of my life !  Next time I’m there I’m going there for morning yoga at that place !

After the lovely walk around the resort I rushed into the Lobby ! and there it was my ride into the wild waitting for me and Mr. Andrea from Scotland ( Edinburgh ) was my guide !! ARE YOU READY ???!! its a ride into the Arabian wildlife were you can see animals that are originally from there and some brought all the way from other places in this world… trees and plants have been planted to make that perfect environment  and a home for all kind of animals you’re gonna see below…..  let’s go into the Wild with Desert Islands Resort & Spa by  Anantara Abu Dhabi

mal atraba3 o dalat elqahwa weyay min el9b7 aka7el 3yooni eb hl manthar ! mashallah
hla hla …hla bil ketakeet ! and it was only the beginning !!! o ana 3baali bs theela 😛 tdroon ma 3ndenaaa wildlife bil deera 😛
so its a national preserve the whole Sir Bani Yas Island …. what Kind of trees are thoose ? eli fahamta enhum ashyar bukhoor !!! oh yes I’ve seen these once in Oman ….but first time in Emirates
Andrea was so Kind to step out of the jeep and bring me eshwayat bukhoor 😛 and there he was checking if it has a strong beautiful scent !
traa a closer look ! ofcourse I brought it all the way back home to kuwait so mama could smell it but the scent was gone by that time 🙁 nakhthech yl ghalia enwadeech li mokana b3d 😉
Hello Cheetah !!! There are not supposed to be there behind the fense !! ee ee 3adii they walk around the Island … that’s why you can the GPS around the neck .. and its the smallest size they can get 😉  Its depends on your luck sometimes they like to relax in this fenced  territory and the gate was wide open 😛
The eyes !! Mashallah soooo Beautiful !!! I was told that If I took the 5 pm wildlife ride I could see the Cheetah Hunting !! YUMAA ! well I might do it next time 😛 If I wasn’t mistaken they have 5 cheetah’s on Sir Bani Yas Island
checkout those rocky mountains climbers !!!! emkhaleen arth allah elwas3aa o metkawdeen on the Hill !!! LooL I was afraid that one could fall ! aham shay eni a7ateehum 😛 I just love animals !
look at those Adventurers !!!
elnathraaa naaar 😛 So this is the Indian Blackbuck ! Identify Males from Females ?  Males are dark brown females are light brown …. females don’t have horns but even if they do they are not ringed  and spiraled  as the males do ::) 6b3aan estanast q3dt al3ab game mino male mino female 😛
haaa kahum el females 😉 e light brown ones
3aad theela ghezlaanaa 😛
The Arabian Oryx
Breakfast time ! w3alaya yakloon min fayer allah o el3a9aariii y9eeer 9aida m9aida m3a el Cheetah 😛 ma ydroon sheli yan6erhum 🙁
6b3an ana waqfa 3la kersiyii o 6al3a min el tantaa lil ta9weer o elbraad 😛 only during stops I can take some photos while standing on my seat ….because the road is bumpy 😛
well now welcome The Eland !! This Oryx is from South Africa ….They are kept behind fences ! why ? because when they attack they could make up some mess without attention 😛 defashah 😛 because of their size and weight ….. yfqe9oon elghezlan jithi  😛  They are the largest Antelope …they weight 1,300 to 1,500 pounds UMMA 😛
kilsh ma yeshawqoon 😛
huh look who’s there ….. an Ostrich 😀
more and more …Well Andrea was looking for one female Ostrich , he told me her name …anyways why her ? he told me that she is so social and she loved people but we couldn’t find her that day 🙁 madri wain ray7a titmasha min el9b7 broo7ha 😛
What’s so wonderful is the Lovely story …. there were only two Giraffes which were a gift from Kenya to Sheikh Zayed allah yr7oma …. but look where they reached a big beautiful family ! … that what happenes when you believe in making a difference Like sheikh Zayed did !
ntheefa etshaweq :**
aaaaaaand that Hyrax LOOOOL …. while we were on our way back to the resort I saw a group of little rats or something like that crossing the road o metdodheen lool ! but they looked cute !  when we got closer I got the chance to catch this one in one shot the others have already ran into the tree LOOOL ..they were crosssing the road 3shtaw

I’ve seen and been into The Nature and Wildelife Drive at Desert Island Resort and Spa by Anantara Abu Dhabi …and you guys have just seen what I saw !

The ride was amazing …seat belts on …right on time we were all set and ready to go ..bottles of water are there for you 🙂 get your hat and sunglasses and comfortable shoes don’t forget to put on your sunblock cream 😛 its is hot but not that hot you can enjoy the cool breeze of the morning ( Spetemper 2011 )…it took approximately 1:30 hour for the ride .. just put in mind its a big Island and its a big preserve.. so we had to go around to look for the animals 🙂

My guide on that tour Mr. Andrea was a great lecturer too 😛 I had the chance to learn alot about the arabian desert and nature …I’ve learned more that I’ve posted here ….he’s been so helpful and kind to answer all my questions …Thank you for the great ride 🙂 

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