Abu Dhabi International Airport


from traveling alot , I started to enjoy going around airports specially after checking in all the luggages 🙂  I have learned to explore and enjoy the different airports I’ve been to. So each airport I visit I’m gonna post about it 😛 so you guys know what to expect and also if you have anything to add on each airport we can share it all together ! As for Abu Dhabi International Airport, I can call it el airport el ktkooot ! Why its small, eshaweq bs ntheeeeef o well developed ! Through Gulf air I arrived to Abu Dhabi on my last trip ! also if you guys would like to check my review on Etihad Airlines Terminal 3, click here .

Well it wasn’t crowded ! never saw a simple airport as Abu Dhabi’s ! simple but neat o wayed waaaaaaaaaaaaayed shar7 ! things went smoothly checking in not only smoothly I was looking around with my eyes while K was checking in our luggages at the counter, there was that officer who asked me if I need any help ! love this kind of service and its not know when it comes to the people of UAE 🙂 daaar el 7ay Dubai o abu dhabi daaar elthabii kilhum 3asal 3la qulbii 😀 so I was like yeah ladies toilet please ! you don’t get this at many airports ya khazah ya nathra khaysa ya nas metnarfeza o em3a9ba ! travelers don’t need that !

The lights and the texture ! amazing islamic arts ! simple but bright and unique ! don’t you think so ? the same was at the arrivals main gate ! well ofcourse wesalt elma6ar madah elbooz o 6anqoor 😛 y3ni em6anqera 😛 I mean who wants to come back after a wonderful trip right 😉 I remember taking that photo while still in my car and the door was wide open I just needed K to tell me yallah let’s go 😛 its like the airport you see in some movies …shofaw o qolaw raykum ! its weird that it is so small as an International airport bs ntheef sh7lalatah ! o fi nas mo eli ma fih but if you compare it to Etihad airlines Terminal 3 well at that terminal you will see a whole new world ! moltaqah el7atharat 😛

K is there checking in 😛 Wonderful trip I had with you 😉 inshallah doom 😛 anyways, luggages are checked  … jaahzeen ? lets tour the airport  🙂   


waaayed waaaayed I loved the two colors together !!! amazing ceiling design !

eshraykum bil nas eli t7trem elqanoon ? No smoking mean NO SMOKING ! find you the right place to smoke or don’t 😛 a7san

I wanted to buy something min el pharmacy leanha shaweqaatni but I needed nothing by that time 😛 Yallah lots shop the duty free then 😉

 Now checkout what I bought ! loved them Although there were expensive bs the cause is worth it !

 Lovely little gift cards that can be used for several occasions ” Jaab Cards “ are available at Abu Dhabi’s Airport Duty free . The cute thing is that they are hand painted card ! each box has a numbe of colored cards and by buying these cards you are supporting :

1- Breast cancer outreach project that offers breast cancer eduation, screening and treatent to underprivileged women.             

 2- Traditional Handicraft and environmetally friendly mulberry paper .

3- Fair Trade employment for unskilled  women       also I loved thse camels bs el7mdella ma sharait 😛 leana 3ndi wayed already min hl khrabee6 😛


So after going around Abu Dhabi International airport …I found these really comfortable seats to be honest they are the BEST from what I tired before at other airports …… sat there and enjoyed the high speed wireless internet 🙂

  1. mashala shakla 5osh ma6ar its smaller than the emirates terminal in dubai bas embayen shakla nethef o emratab hatha aham shaiy. ee mashala the people in the airport are so sweet and kind to guide you through even in dubai 7eta we once told them tadron shino eli emayezkon min bajy il ma6arat? 6ebatkom 🙂

    1. ee terminal Emarites waayed akbaar o akshakh saja ! hatha so simple bs ya 7lwaa shar7 🙂 bthb6 hatha eli emayezhum mo7trameen o khadoomeen ! allah yekathr min amthaalhum 9ech theyafat el3arab 3ndehum kamla o elkamil allah 🙂