Christmas in Manchester

Christmas in Manchester is brought to you by one of my lovely readers in Manchester who sent me a lovely collection of photos of what’s going on in Manchesterf for Christmas ! There is nothing like experiencing something right infront of your eyes but still those photos have the ability to travel and carry alot within …. I’ve been to Manchester Last year and it was my first time ! never thought I ‘m going to say that but yes I would go and visit that destination again and take a train to Scotland too 😛 yallah let’s see the photos !! akh ya qulbii missing spending the holidays overseas 🙁  

law ana ehnaak jan 3aadi 9awart 100 9orah m3ahum 😛 la o I do a dance too b3d 😛

 KASTANAH !! ahhh I rmember having chestnuts in Istanbul one November I think back in 2010 I know how it feels when you put those little hot things in your mouth and its freezing outside while standing there in the street 😀 miss that feeling ….. The reader who sent me the photos said That el kastan kan 7daa latheeth bil jaw el bared 🙂 also that there was a small band singing christmas songs the whole time at that place 🙂 I guess it was at city center

You guys my Lovely readers from all of the World …If you have anything you would like to share about Christmas at the place you are right now Just send me an email at and I will be glad to post about it 🙂