Cafe Matbakh – Lebanon

 The road trip to Saida, Lebanon was for the little nice factory Hammamsaida ,but I was suprise that they had a small cozy cafe door to door to the Hammamsaida ! well If you guys know Lebanon, you will know that they are well known of their natural herbs and natural products and healthy once too … the place is called Matbakh Cafe ..  Loved the product they have but didn’t get the chance to try any since My mom already bought some of the Jam o hl sowalef from another place which I will post about later too 🙂

  perfectly for 9oghah ( a gift ) from Lebanon for your friends , family or beloved once !interesting how they seel some books for adults and also stories  about lebanon for the little ones …. 


  1. the place looks so cute, i am guessing these jam jars would tatse good with brioche bread and feta cheese yummy 🙂