Turkish Airlines – Bosnia Trip

A flight with Turkish Airlines to take me half way to Sarajevo – Bosnia ! with a one Hour Transit AT Istanbul Ataturk Airport .. My First experience with Turkish Airlines ! and it went OK ..well if you take in consederation the time of flight which was 5:50 AM Kuwait to Istanbul ( faz3a 😛 o ma nemt blail ela 3 hours maybe )  for a traveler anytime of flight won’t be a problem ..I would prefer to fly at a certain time ..but all times are GOOD for me as long as Im flying to a destination 🙂

 Loved the passengers seats ! Navy and red leather , clean plane ,friendly crew, was Lucky to have my seat next to the window !! so I could take all the photos from up above 🙂 ofcourse the plane was fully booked, most passengers are teachers 😛 who live and work in Kuwait …because of the Christmas Holidays you know ..they fly to spend sometime with their loved ones or just spend a nice break somewhere else in the world !

The onboard entertainment system was Ok ..some old movies and new ones too ..I saw Rise of the Planet of The Apes …leana ma shefta before 🙂 what I noticed ena 3ndehum some movies Jpaneezoooooo 😛 Japanese ! estghraabt LOL  

Loved the flight because we were the only Kuwaities on Board 😛 kaaaaan hedou mako 9ee7ah o loya o 3afsaaa …exactly like my flight with Etihad to Bangkok last april . and yes I have to ADMIT that breakfast on board was DELICIOUS ! eyaaaninnn wayed 3gaabni which made me wonder what are they serving in the first class if that’s what Im having in economy 😛 

 Flight on the way back home was at night and guess what it !  was on New Year’s Eve !  new experience to end the 2011 and begin a new year of 2012 ! celebrated up in the air ! Lol ..I thought there will be some kind of a small party onboard 😛 bs waze3aw chocolate cake which was so tasty and Champagne which I cannot drink ofcourse because Im a muslim and proud 😉

 Would I recommend flying with Turkish Airlines ? yes I do , but really  a flight experience depends on lots of things, actually from the little details to the big one ..passengers, who you’re traveling with , the crew , the timing , the season it self..so I Did have a great flight with the Turkish Airlines on that day that time with the people I traveled with …nothing is Graranteed 🙂

 Well that was both Flight from Kuwait to Istanbul then on the way back from Istanbul to Kuwait … but how did I reach Bosnia ? wait up for the next post Ama Traveler onboard of  BH Airlines in connecting flight 😉

    1. did you fly on new year’s eve too ? I really loved their gesture 😉 little things matter to me ;D glad we do have similarities in our travel experiences 😉

  1. been wanting to visit Bosnia since last June but couldnt find a way to reach it, now thnx to u, i think i’ll be planning my next trip 😉

    tried Turkish Airlines once & they were amazing!

    yalla looking forward to read about Sarajevo 😀

    el7mdella 3salama

    1. thank you dear ! wallah to be honest I didn’t plan for it at all ..heard some relatives are going there and I simply joined them ! had no information at all about flight details ..and that what made the trip so different and special to me ! was suprised of lots of things that I will mention inshallah in upcoming posts ! you should visit Bosnia its worth it 🙂 glad that Im helping you guys with my post ..love to exchange travel experiences 😉

  2. They recently changed the plane from Kuwait to Istanbul and vise versa because before it was so small and not that clean, now it is much better.

  3. ohh 3ad I was planning to go to Bosnia bs ma 3azamna 3alaiha yet, enshallah allah yaktebha lena soon. El7emdellah 3al salama dear, hope u enjoyed it! 🙂

    I had an amazing experience with Turkish Airlines as well, just came back from my vacation wenshallah I’ll post about it soon.

    1. allah esaalmich ! ee walalh alf el7mdella wayed e3gbaatni ! ma tewaqa3t.ha jthi o kh9oo9an bil snowy season ewaq3t bq3ad bil hotel min elbard 😛 bs waaaaayed 7lwaaa : enshallah you visit Bosnia soon yeqoloonbil summer a7la o a7laa ! I’ve been to Turkey twice bs awal mrah ajareb el turkish airlines ! will be cheking your post akeed 😉 love anything about travel !

  4. nice trip… i have a question did u face any trouble in landing, i real freak in landing in destination where there are lots of snow…!!!