Bjelasnica Mountain, Day 1 – Sarajevo


 a7laa shay fi ay safrah elashyaa’a eli elwa7ed mo 7a6ha fi balah ! Ma tewaq3t eni bkooon waqfa o bo9aal hl man6aqah eli be9oorah fooq ! la fakart yoom wla 7tan adri 3nhaa ! abad ma sm3t 3nhaa ! o hl shay bthaaat eli y7aali elsafra akthaar o akthar 😉

The thing that makes a destination or the trip itself more interesting is the things that were not expected ! or not as you expected them ! once you reach the destination ! you realize that here is nothing like seeing and being in a place by yourself ! Once I reached tha place all the information I read about it rshed into my mind ! well hat do you ned to know about Bjelasnica Mountain ?

  •  its 20 minues from Sarajevo the capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Bjelašnica’s tallest peak rises to an elevation of 2067 meters
  •  popular tourist attraction for hiking and skiing
  • During the 1984 Winter Olympics, Bjelašnica hosted the men’s alpine skiing events, where brash Bill Johnson (USA) won the downhill after boldly predicting victory.
  • The base area has several structures dating from that time, including hotels and skiing areas.
  • The mountain’s name stems from the root bijel, which means “white”.
  • be prepared with all winter snow gear and go there on a sunny day so you can enjoy all kind of Ski activities 🙂 .

 Now let’s go to Bjelasnica ! are you ready guys ?

 Driving to the Mountain ;D 6b3an elethn t3tfes 7azaat.ha etsakir o etib6al 😛 mo mt3awdeen e7na bil kuwait you know :p 

elwth3 ebashir bil khair dam ena el white ghalib 3la el view ;D

 min shft hl signs fahamt ena elwth3 ebashir bil khair 😛 while on the road 3aaaadi big pieces of snow colapse from the hill and fall on the road so don’t be afraid 🙂 

 We didn’t know that it was the  first day of the season ! and it was a weekend ! so imagine how crowded it was up there in Bjelasnica ! But I loved how crowded it was ;D well I let nothing mess up my mood on a trip !   

as you can see finding a nice place to set nd enjoy the view is not that difficult right ! mashallah mashallah elmoooookaaaan kan eyanin !!! o ekmalat 3a aghaaniii my style Akon , Rihanna, Pitbull , o Gaga loya loyaaa 😀 so I thought lets set and enjoy the view for a while b3deeeen abi jawlitii bil mokaan 🙂 

 Ok so I coudn’t stay in my place 😛 when I glanced that place few steps away from my table outside were they prepare drinks and snacks !! shawaqniii style el table !!! simple I know bs with the snow outside shaklaa eshaweq !    

  o t7laaaa elq3daa m3a a7laa Latte ! and take the shots fast leana ra7 ethaleg 😛 no just kidding ra7 ybrid ebser3aaa 🙂 ahhh it was one fine hot drink at one fine place in this world ! really miss Bosia ! so b3d ma tedafeet o my body got used to the Tempreture of Bjelasnica Mountain was time to take the grand tour and enjoy ! 





 one day Im going to try sking ! I really have to learn how to ski ! shklaa 3jeeeb !  

 Yes I wanted to be there ! up there ! yaneeeeet bs 6ala3 mako ela for Professionals 🙁 o most7eeel Im having that ride alone 😛 


jan t3gbnii elsalfaa min loyat  hl yahaal 😉


 it was time to try something new ! you guys know how I love to coma back home with a new experience ! a new activity at a destination ! So I rent me a snow bob and was ready to slide ! 😀

Traaaa my red Bob ! and when I was ready to go you notice something wrong 😛 thaaab thaaab el Ugg tebahthaalt 😛 bs mekhalif I was having fun o ya jabaaal ma yehezek ree7 😛 well yeah eshdrani I wore UGGS for the snow ;/ bad bad choice 😛 anyways the next post about Bjelasnica, you will see that I went shopping and got me a snow boots 😀 

 So I went and spent a great time …but allah yaho ta3ab !! el nazla 6b3an etwaamis 😉 bs el9a3daa reday se7baay hl bob o 9e3daay b3deen eb thewaan slide li t7aat 😛 eli fag’aa 7asait ena summer min el 7ar 😛 

e3gbaatni 7arakaat el popcorn bil snow 😛 but I was too bust sliding mako waqt for snacks 😉 


 elii yeshawqoon 9ech hl entaf ! mo sej !! little ones are also enjoying the snow ! cute ! o 6b3aan kilhum style bil lebs 😛

 hatha el Cafe el 3jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb !!! rw3a elq3da mo sej !! I will post about it later in a special post min kthr ma oho eyanin ! wallah eni walaht 3la hl mokaan 🙁 


 what do you think ? writting on the snow with no gloves 😛 my fingers almost freezed 🙂 I had a Blast that day ! the last time I’ve been to a snow mountain was back in 2009 in Turkey but there were no activities for some reason ..anyways this place is a must attraction in Bosnia in winter or even summer its a great place for Hikers ! don’t miss it 🙂 you think that’s all ? well NO more of Bjelasnica is coming up in one more post ! I visited that place twice ! but enjoyede my time differently each time !