Marriott Marquis New York

OH New York !! My Hotel !! I just love to stay at that hotel when in New York ! and yes its always my first choice ! its not the best hotel in New York ofcourse ! but for me it has THE BEST location if you are there for all … for the city life … the  shopping, the attractions and more ! it was freezing that night  .. its was cold ! the big lights were on ! so bright it was .. it was simply in New York 🙁 ..  We arrived at Marriott Marquis New York in the afternoon that day … check in went perfectly as usual el7mdella with the amazing greetings and welcoming ! oh god I miss the american people 🙁  . Anyway about the location its right at the middle of Broadway …Times Square is few steps away ..! The price is reasonable as I recall its 100 something KD per night . Usually this area is the most crowded place in New York.  Actually you can stay out in the streets shopping at some shops that opens until midnight &  still its safe . Not to forget the many Broadway theatres right at that street … I totally recommend this Hotel ! if you are the kind of person who wants to have it all and not to miss everything 🙂 Now let me show you my room 🙂 

 The room lighting wasn’t that good .. but it was ok 🙂 I learned from traveling to ignore the things that I don’t like and try to enjoy my time at the destination ..mako waqt mola7athat yallah ala7eq 3la loyat New York … lazem elwa7ed y9eer 3amali 🙂 

 whenever my friends asks me about where to stay when they visit New York .. I always say  Marriot Marquis New York at Broadway .. and I always add its not a luxury Hotel but its a clean one with a great expected service .. I always describe it as a hotel with a design from the 90’s 😛 also it reminds me of Embassy Suites 🙂   

 ofcourse in New York you don’t  have you’re morning Coffee at your room ..actually its a big mistake to do so 😛 You’re coffee will be best enjoyed right at Times Square right below the Hotel 😛 Im going to show you my early mornings in New York in a special post inshallah .. The room is big .. actually it has a big space for all of our shoppping bags and later it fits 4 extra luggages ! so its big  🙂

 and a little delight ! I always appreciate those chocolates they print a smile on my face whenever I come back to the room at night and found them on my pillow 🙂 

 Now about the View .. first I forgot to mention that upon checking in I asked for the renewed rooms, ofcourse I didn’t know if there was any but I always say that 😛 at all the hotels and resorts I checked in 😛 as for the View I didn’t take the room with Times Square view because I know I won’t have time to enjoy it 😛 fi NYC yallah elwa7ed ela7eq 3la el city life eli Barrah 🙂 so I booked the standard Double room overlooking North River ” Hudson ”  .

 One thing you have to put in mind if you love listening to Music .. some songs made my mornings there actually they make sense ! the words the music itself …at the right place on the perfect time for a new day to live in New York ..don’t miss that experience 🙂

Later I will show you what can you enjoy when you stay at this hotel ? its just the crowded street where the hotel is located at .. it has it all and it starts it all ..from your location you can walk to anywhere you want 🙂 its like you’re in the middle of a little city 🙂

Remember I recommend this Hotel because I love it ..which doesn’t mean you should too 🙂 So before you do your bookings check the Hotel and read about it to make sure its what you have on your mind 🙂

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